I teach people how to heal themselves.

Through my experiences, I have learned techniques that are thousands of years old, and work quite effectively in healing old wounds.

Everyone at some point has to reconcile with their past. Are you ready to do that? Often it happens at unexpected times with disastrous outcomes - like when you are trying to fall asleep or first wake up. I will teach you exactly what to do, once and for all, when that portal opens up inside of you.

Guided meditations like mine have been described as being part of an ancient Yoga tradition called "Shavasana.' To me, however, it is like being in a Sweat Lodge, which is a Native American tradition.

I combine the two to give people who listen for 10 minutes, a quick salve or opportunity to escape in a blissful positive reinforcing journey.

That's because, I believe, we are our most beautiful when we give to others.

These meditations will bless and serve you and the people around you and in your immediate space.

They are designed for people in crisis but can serve you any time of day or night.

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